Endurance test during the Football World Cup – survey results

As part of the Triflex “Endurance test during the Football World Cup” spring/summer campaign, we used our advisor portal www.triflex.com/balkoncheck to invite contractors to upload photos of typical balcony defects and refurbishment examples and to take part in our balcony check survey. A large number of portal visitors responded to this invitation. This resulted in many authentic pictures and above all a clear positioning of the three types of damage most frequently encountered: 1. Damage to the balcony floor, 2. Efflorescence on the underside of the balcony, 3. Drainage disruption. In each case, this means that there was no waterproofing or it was compromised. Triflex offers tailor-made balcony system solutions for these challenges. We not only help home-owners to identify defects in good time, but also to find the right solution and a contracting company to carry out the work.