Triflex ProFibre

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Detail waterproofing of complicated roof constructions with Triflex ProFibre

Triflex ProFibre is a 2-component fibre-reinforced waterproofing product with a PMMA resin base, which needs no additional fleece reinforcement. The waterproofing resin is particularly suitable for structurally hard-to-reach details which make it impossible to use a fleece-reinforced waterproofing system.

According to the Flat Roof Guidelines of the German Roofing Trade Association and to DIN 18531, roof waterproofing must be carried out with fleece reinforcement. Triflex ProFibre is a special solution that reliably waterproofs complicated roof structures outside the Code of Practice. The roof waterproofing system can be applied at low temperatures and adheres to almost all substrates in common use. Tested for its fire-resistant properties, it is certified to the German DIN EN 13501-5: BRoof (t1) and DIN EN 13501-1: Class E (approx. B2) standards.

     Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexible in low temperatures
  • Solvent-free
  • Extremely weather-resistant (UV, IR, etc.)
  • Excellent adhesion properties on a multitude of substrates
  • Elastic and crack-bridging
  • Mechanically strong and wear-resistant
  • Resistant to media generally present in air and rainwater
  • Resistant to external fire exposure to DIN EN 13501-5: BRoof (t1)
  • Fire classification as per DIN EN 13501-1: Class E

Technical information

Triflex ProFibre

Triflex ProFibre is used for structurally hard-to-reach details, where it is impossible to use a fleece-reinforced waterproofing system.
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